Our bodies are given life from the midst of nothingness. Existing where there is nothing is the meaning of the phrase, "form is emptiness." That all things are provided for by nothingness is the meaning of the phrase, "Emptiness is form." One should not think that these are two separate things.
Qui Mariam absolvisti
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é o mundo que está a arder? é a minha alma que está a arder?

ou é a combustão da minha alma apenas o reflexo da combustão do mundo?

é o mundo que se está a afundar no cosmos? é a minha alma que se está a diluir no cosmos?
ou é a diluição da minha alma apenas o reflexo da submersão do mundo no nada sem nome?

Cada dia promete o esquecimento do dia anterior,
mas ao mesmo tempo aviva a sua memória feroz.

É o demónio que me caça por exaustão, ou apenas a memória demasiado carregada de futuro que pesa cada passo da fuga?

fotos: 25 Abril 1974, e 1 de Maio de 1975. Autores desconhecidos



Tinha sepultado o filho colocando-lhe uma coroa de flores brancas na cabeça pois ele nunca na vida chegaria a noivo.
- O teu filho atravessou o rio em direcção a um lugar esplêndido e belo - disse Polyxeni.
- Ele desposou a terra negra - soluçou a mulher.
- Traz-lhe, todos os dias, água para beber - aconselhou Polyxeni


- Oh, Polyxeni, o que hei-de fazer? - exclamou a mulher. O que hei-de fazer para me libertar desta saudade? A minha garganta arde com ela. O que hei-de fazer?
- Vem aqui todos os dias - repetiu Polyxeni. - Vem cá todos os dias, e canta, fala com ele, e presta atenção ao que ele te diz quando sonhas com ele e, um dia, sentirás os teus dedos a estenderem-se e ele levará para longe toda a tua dor e saudade, e estas serão tecidas em fio, e farão roupas alegres que ele vestirá no jardim para lá do rio.

Texto: in "Pássaros sem asas" por Louis de Bernieres, capitulo 12.
Imagens: "Burning World" por The Swans; Capa da Weekend Review


"The god of the Great Deep or Abyss"

I stood upon the balcony with my brand new bride, the clink of bells came drifting down the mountainside. When in our sight something moved - lightning eyed and cloven hooved - The great god Pan is alive! He moves amid the modern world in disguise, it's possible to look into his immortal eyes. He's like a man you'd meet anyplace Until you recognise that ancient face
The great god Pan is alive! At sea on a ship in a thunder storm on the very night that Christ was born, A sailor heard from overhead a mighty voice cry Pan is dead! So follow Christ as best you can
Pan is dead! Long Live Pan! From the olden days and up through all the years, from Arcadia to the stone fields of Inisheer, Some say the Gods are just a myth but guess who I've been dancing with.
The great god Pan is alive! *

"Though horror and revolting nausea rose up within me, and an odour of corruption choked my breath, I remained firm. I was then privileged or accursed, I dare not say which, to see that which was on the bed, lying there black like ink, transformed before my eyes. The skin, and the flesh, and the muscles, and the bones, and the firm structure of the human body that I had thought to be unchangeable, and permanent as adamant, began to melt and dissolve.

"I know that the body may be separated into its elements by external agencies, but I should have refused to believe what I saw. For here there was some internal force, of which I knew nothing, that caused dissolution and change.

"Here too was all the work by which man had been made repeated before my eyes. I saw the form waver from sex to sex, dividing itself from itself, and then again reunited. Then I saw the body descend to the beasts whence it ascended, and that which was on the heights go down to the depths, even to the abyss of all being. The principle of life, which makes organism, always remained, while the outward form changed.

"The light within the room had turned to blackness, not the darkness of night, in which objects are seen dimly, for I could see clearly and without difficulty. But it was the negation of light; objects were presented to my eyes, if I may say so, without any medium, in such a manner that if there had been a prism in the room I should have seen no colours represented in it.**


* Waterboys "The return of Pan"
** Arthur Machen "The great god Pan"


Happy Ishtar

These many professing Christians suppose they are gathering together on Easter to commemorate the anniversary of the precise moment Jesus Christ rose from the dead!

They believe they are celebrating the resurrection.

Easter: The English term, according to the Van. Bede, relates to Eostre, a Teutonic goddess of the rising light of day and spring, which deity, however, is otherwise unknown.... "That the apostolic fathers do not mention it and that we first hear of it principally through the controversy of the Quartodecimans are purely accidental" (The Catholic Encyclopedia, article "Easter," emphasis added).

"Easter: The annual festival observed throughout Christendom in commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The name Easter (Ger. Ostern), like the names of the days of the week, is a survival from the old Teutonic mythology[and] is derived from Eostre, or Ostara, the Anglo Saxon goddess of spring, to whom the month answering to our April, and called the 'Eostur-monath,' was dedicated. This month, Bede says, was the same as the Mensis Paschalis [which meant "Passover" month], 'when the old festival was observed with the gladness of a new solemnity.'

"There is no indication of the observance of the Easter festival in the New Testament, or in the writings of the apostolic fathers.

"The first Christians continued to observe the Jewish festivals, though in a new spirit, as commemorations of events which those festivals had foreshadowed. Thus the Passover, with a new conception added to it of Christ as the true paschal lamb and the firstfruits from the dead, continued to be observed, and became the 'Christian Easter'" (The Encyclopedia Britannica, eleventh edition, emphasis added).