Our bodies are given life from the midst of nothingness. Existing where there is nothing is the meaning of the phrase, "form is emptiness." That all things are provided for by nothingness is the meaning of the phrase, "Emptiness is form." One should not think that these are two separate things.
Qui Mariam absolvisti
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Entre por essa porta agora
E diga que me adora
Você tem meia hora
Pra mudar a minha vida
Vem, v'ambora
Que o que você demora
É o que o tempo leva

Ainda tem o seu perfume pela casa
Ainda tem você na sala
Porque meu coração dispara
Quando tem o seu cheiro
Dentro de um livro
Dentro da noite veloz

Ainda tem o seu perfume pela casa
Ainda tem você na sala
Porque meu coração dispara
Quando tem o seu cheiro
Dentro de um livro
Na cinza das horas

Letra: Adriana Calcanhoto "Vambora".
Photos: X-Girl por 0.0


the red riding hood and the werewolf

Who's that I see walking in these woods. Why it's Little Red Riding Hood. Hey there Little Red Riding Hood. You sure are lookin' good. You're everything a big bad wolf could want. Howl.
Listen to me! Little Red Riding Hood I don't think little big girls should Go walking' in these spooky old woods alone. [...]

Little Red Riding Hood, Even bad wolves can be good. I'll try to keep satisfied, Just to walk by you're side. Maybe you'll see things my way, Before we get to Gramma's place. Little Red Riding Hood. You sure are lookin' good. You're everything a big bad wolf could want.

"And of course I think you're trying to seduce me. Always. I am too vain to believe you would not. But it does not make much difference, you can well leave me in that flattering perception, and I can feel so great being desired and resisting. "

You play dangerous games Red Riding Hood..

"If youve been hiding from love, I can understand where youre coming from.
If youve suffered enough, I can understand what youre thinking of, I can see the pain that youre frightened of"

But in what regards to the attitude "feel so great being desired and resisting", gosh, that is a very unsustainable game...rocket fuel... It's an endogenous drug.

You are feeding yourself of the scent of men's libido. you are sucking them out of their vital energy. No wonder you feel guilty about your "graveyard".

Forever guilty, but... forever inocent,
"see but do not savour", but the gaze can "kill". . .
What if I told you that the "truth" was that I wans't "seducing you" because I desired you.
I wasn't even seducing you, as I was telling the truth.
What if I told you that All that I was doing, whatever that was, was because I Loved you.

Could you resist Love?

Do you know what Love is?
What's the diference between Love and seduction, Love and desire?

How dangerous is this game I'm playing? Is this really a game? or is it an ame, une ame, l'ame.

A game or an aim?
I don't know. To think of it as a game is reassuring.
But then again, the "thing", whatever that is, might want me to think it's a game so that I can keep playing it, without me being scared by the risks it implies.

Providence protects the daring ones anyway.
Otherwise I would be disgraced by now. :)

on the other hand. me writing this and scaring you might be a way of warning you to escape, escape now of this "thing", run and never look back.

but even more scary would be if now it was too late already. the "thing" caught you already.

Even if you run now, it's helpless, you will carry it with you,
in the hearth of darkness, the darkness of the hearth and you will have to return to me, or be haunted all your life...

For the werewolf, for the werewolf Have sympathy 'Cause the werewolf he is someone Just like you an' me. Once I saw him in the moonlight when the bats were a flyin'
All alone I saw the werewolf and the werewolf was cryin'

Cryin' nobody, nobody, nobody knows How much I love the maiden as I tear off his cloths. Cryin' nobody, nobody, knows of my pain When I see it has risen that full moon again

When I see that moon movin' through the clouds in the sky
I get a crazy feelin' an' I wonder why
Oh the werewolf, Oh the werewolf
Comes travelin' along, He don't even break the branches
Where he's been gone

For the werewolf have pity, not fear, an' not hate
'Cause the werewolf might be someone that you've known of late

Oh the werewolf, oh the werewolf Comes travelin' along
He don't even crush the leaves. Where he's been gone


Go, my sadness And tell her that without her it is not to be
Tell her, in a prayer to return to me for I can't bear this suffering anymore
No more blues
The reality is that without her There is no peace, there is no beauty
There is only sadness and melancholy that won't leave me, won't leave me, won't leave

But if she returns,
If she returns, What a beautiful thing, What a crazy thing
For there are fewer fish swimming in the sea than the kisses that I will give on your mouth
in my arms my embraces There will have to be millions of embraces tight like this, stuck like this, quiet Embraces and kisses and caresses without end
It is to end with that business of living far from me, I don't want that business any more
of you living like this We are going to quit this business of you living without me

Red Riding Hood Tulips